I work with clients who want to lead remarkable lives.

Clients who feel stagnant or stuck, unfulfilled in their current job, or who simply have lost sight of who they are and what makes them tick.

Clients who are not having the impact they want to have on the people and causes that matter to them.

Clients who see injustice in the world and feel the deep, gut-wrenching call to battle. The voice that says ‘someone needs to do something!’.

Why can’t that someone be you?

If your response is ‘who am I to do it?’, I would ask, ‘who are you not to?’

Through coaching, my clients learn to quiet the noise, the self-doubt, the inner critics, the outer critics, the bone-breaking, impossible expectations of those around them, the conditions and limitations of society and their own belief systems, and figure out who they are, and what it is they are here on this big, complicated, painful, beautiful earth to do.

My clients feel seen and heard. First by me. Then by themselves. And finally by the people around them.

They lead remarkable lives, and make a remarkable difference.

They fight for a better, fairer, kinder world.

And they do it from a confident, authentic, passionate and purpose-driven place.



What exactly is coaching all about?

What I do as a coach is to help my clients better understand and trust themselves, what they want, and what is holding them back. I challenge my clients to consider what legacy they really want to create, and to explore where they are 'stuck' or have limiting beliefs which need to be addressed, so they can take steps towards a life, work and relationships that are meaningful to them. And I hold them in the uncomfortable space of change for long enough that they can see the transformation.

Through structured conversations, deep listening, powerful questions, and insight, I help my clients figure out for themselves exactly what they want, and the steps they need to take to get there. Sometimes this is about gaining clarity, exploring and reflecting. Sometimes it's about planning concrete actions to reach specific goals. Sometimes it’s about accountability and successfully navigating change. Often it's a combination of all three. But the agenda and direction of travel is always set entirely by the client(s), not by me.

My clients include humanitarian workers, teachers, philanthropists, and activists, as well as people in more ‘corporate’ jobs who are seeking to engage with social causes outside of work. They are connected by a deep desire to ‘do good’ and make the world a better place, but perhaps lack the clarity, the confidence or a plan of how to do this in a way which feels authentic to them. This means that I work with them on a variety of issues including:

Career transition, exploring purpose/passion, communication, managing stress/burnout, finance, decision-making, confidence, self-worth, conflict management, work-life balance and more.

The coaching process looks different for everyone, but ultimately, whatever is significant and meaningful to you will determine the direction of travel our coaching relationship will take. Every client I work with has different challenges, desires, goals, and a different definition of ‘success’. Coaching is all about you as the client, the way you think, the support you need, and the values and beliefs you hold.

We will start exactly where you are.

Image by Jordan Wozniak

My Coaching Style

As a coach, I am open, warm and positive, though I am not afraid to ask tough questions and make observations that other people may be too scared to make.

The sessions provide a safe space where my clients feel able to explore their thoughts and ideas completely without judgement. I take an intuitive approach, digging deep when appropriate to get to the heart of underlying issues and limiting beliefs or assumptions. I like to challenge my clients; to ask tough questions and offer observations aimed to improve their awareness.

The foundation of my work, though, is genuine empathy and care for my clients, and a willingness to help them discover new things and move forward into the future they create for themselves.


My Commitment to You

If I take you on as a new client, you can count on my ongoing and dedicated support, not just during our face-to-face sessions, but throughout the process. This will look different for everyone, and their specific needs and outcomes, but it could be staying in touch by email, having check-in calls on the weeks without coaching, sharing recommendations of books, podcasts, articles and so on. A lot of the work for both me as a coach and you as a client takes place between the sessions. I will never take on a client who I feel is not in the right space to benefit from coaching, or who I think would work better with a different coach.

Image by Matthew Maillet