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We Do Things Differently Here

There is a better way.

I see you there, trying to get everything done, trying to make an impact, fighting for what's right, but constantly exhausted, depleted, frustrated.


Perpetually caught in a cycle of stress, overwhelm and self-doubt, moving impossibly fast but feeling like it’s never enough.


Just wanting to be enough, do enough, make the chaotic dumpster fire of a world a bit better, a bit fairer.


Firefighting your way through the day, through your responsibilities, your to-do list.


Wanting to do your job better, to think more creatively, to lead like the kind of leader you always looked up to.


You know that slowing down, being present, self-care, and finding joy & fun are all really important, but who has got the time, right?!


No one. No one just 'has the time'.


That’s the truth.


You have to make the time.


You have to make the choice to break out of this and start showing up differently.


Because what is it costing you right now?


And what might it cost you in the future?


Your relationships? Your health? Letting yourself be happy?


The impact you can have on the world? On the things that really matter?


Now is the time.


Let me help you figure out how to navigate all of this better.


To work with rather than against your complex emotions, to build genuine resilience & strength in your nervous system, to feel like you have space to breathe and actually ENJOY your  life & your work & leadership, to let go of trying to know everything & learn how to deeply trust yourself again. 


I offer leadership coaching, personal transformation coaching, group coaching & workshops.


If you see yourself in the words on this page, then reach out.

And if you find yourself leading a team, organization, community, or family, I'm here to help you create inclusive spaces & workplaces where everyone feels heard and valued.

This is how we build a better world.

What I Offer

Hi, I'm Samantha.

I’m a coach, a facilitator, a leader, an eternal optimist, and a passionate advocate for social justice. 


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