What Matters Most?


I work with unconventional leaders, changemakers, rebels, people who call bullshit on broken, unjust systems.

People who question, challenge, speak up, and take action when something isn’t right.

People who advocate for change, for justice, for a different way of doing things.

People who are ready to fight for what matters most.

I help my clients stay aligned with their values, inspired by what is possible, connected to their power & resilience, and – most importantly – to get their own needs met, so that they can do their important work in a sustainable, life-giving way, without burning out.

And have some fun, lightness and joy along the way.

It is not important which sector you work in or which official role you hold.

If you are out in the world challenging injustice, calling out the things which don’t make sense, the systems which keep people out of power and away from opportunity, then let’s talk.

My clients lead remarkable lives, and make a remarkable difference.

They fight for a better, fairer, kinder world.

And they do it from a confident, authentic, passionate, and sustainable place.



Hi, I'm Samantha.

I’m a coach, a leader, a co-conspirator, a dreamer, a warrior, a light in dark places. I help my clients stay in the game long enough to change it.

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