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Hi there.

I'm a professional coach & facilitator.

I help my clients connect better with themselves, so that they can connect better with the people in their lives, work and communities.

I work with people and organisations with big hearts, big hopes and open minds, helping them to see how they matter, how their work matters, how their interpersonal relationships matter, and how they can have a more meaningful impact.


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While working with Samantha I have had so many light bulb and 'ah ha' moments. Not afraid to challenge you to address your deepest self-limiting beliefs, and dig into the heart of what is really driving you, Samantha's warm and collaborative style made our focused sessions enjoyable, while still providing a no nonsense approach and accountability when needed. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who feels ready to take a leap to make a change in their lives, or who just wants to know themselves more deeply, and live their best life. You won't regret it.

Harriet Stiles, Senior Manager

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Barcelona, Spain

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