What Matters Most?


Hey you, feeling stuck.

Looking around you, knowing, this life, this work, this world, it doesn’t fit you.

It feels tight and restrictive and wrong.

Knowing that you have achieved so much, but that it feels not meant for you.

Knowing that what other people need, and what other people expect, holds you back.

Knowing that the world as it is feels off.

There is something in you, a flicker.

You know you are different somehow, curious, open, free-spirited, unconventional, rebellious.

Maybe even powerful.

But you keep these things quiet, hidden. Because…

What will people think of you?

Who are you to take up space?

What value do you have, if not to meet everyone else’s needs?

What right do you have to get what you want? What you need?

Who might walk away if you start asking for it?

What I do is help people like you experience possibility.

The possibility of being completely you – different, unconventional, quirky, wild – and what it would mean for your life, your work, your happiness.

The possibility of feeling powerful, unstoppable.

The possibility of freedom from the expectations of other people.

Of feeling the inherent value in yourself.

And of taking what makes you different and using it to change the d*mn world.

Instead of hiding from it.

If this makes you feel seen, if this hits you in your core, if this makes you feel like ‘enough is enough, I want all of this’.

Then reach out.

I’m excited to meet you.


Hi, I'm Samantha.

I’m a coach, a leader, a co-conspirator, a dreamer, a warrior, a light in dark places. I help my clients stay in the game long enough to change it.

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