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I'm a transformative coach & facilitator, and I am passionate about empowering social changemakers.

I work with socially-conscious people and organisations who are dedicated to making the world a better, kinder, fairer place.

I help my clients reconnect with themselves and what matters most to them, and to make the changes they need to make in order to have more of an impact through their work.


While working with Samantha I have had so many light bulb and 'ah ha' moments. Not afraid to challenge you to address your deepest self-limiting beliefs, and dig into the heart of what is really driving you, Samantha's warm and collaborative style made our focused sessions enjoyable, while still providing a no nonsense approach and accountability when needed. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who feels ready to take a leap to make a change in their lives, or who just wants to know themselves more deeply, and live their best life. You won't regret it.

Harriet Stiles, Senior Manager

Samantha has been truly present in every coaching session I’ve had. She’s a true listener, and pulls out patterns and observations that I wouldn’t have seen myself. After every session I’ve had with Samantha I’ve felt lighter and with a clear sense of direction. She has a real talent for helping you to both work out and choose your desired direction. Her question asking is excellent. She doesn’t give up, until you really reach the crux of the matter. During every session I also feel how much Samantha enjoys her work as a coach and helping others to achieve their goals. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Samantha as a coach.

Alice Beste, Education Consultant

Sammy is one of the best coaches I have worked with. She has an incredibly perceptive sense of intuition, which she manages to incorporate perfectly into a warm, empathic yet still direct, and where necessary challenging, coaching style. This really enables you to get to the heart of challenges or objectives that you are addressing, move them forward in the best way for you and create lasting changes. I have been astounded at how much progress I have made towards my key life objectives in only a few months and this has been without doubt greatly facilitated and accelerated by Sammy’s coaching. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone considering coaching.

Sammy has a natural way of engaging you on a personal level that allows you to feel safe to openly share your thoughts and needs. She is able to coach with a high level of care and empathy. She is encouraging and trustworthy. I love how Sammy can unleash in me new perspectives that help me see all the possibilities that I have not seen before, hence enabling me to come up with answers for myself.

Samantha Whetstone, Lawyer

Rainy Chan, Chief Operating Officer

Sammy brings a lightness to the coaching dynamic that makes disclosure easy and straightforward, uses her unsurpassed intuition to reflect back in such an insightful way, it feels like dancing through possibilities rather than wading through angst and self-doubt. I felt soothed and invigorated with a sense of hope.


Sammy is a genuine authentic and vibrant individual who exudes positivity when coaching.  These traits uplift me and make me look forward to our sessions.  She listens deeply and asks penetrating questions.  If you're ready to transform then book a session with her and you won't be disappointed.

Mojdeh Khalili, VP Strategy

One of my biggest struggles has been my finances, not knowing how to prioritise my spending and struggling to save for my future. Working with Sammy has been truly life changing and helped me put in place techniques that even after one session, I saw a difference, not only in my spending habits, but my attitude to money in general. This has been an issue I’ve faced for many years, and have never been able to tackle it. Without her help, I would never have been able to do it alone. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her and seeing improvements in my everyday life and happiness.

Meghan Emily, Events Coordinator

Sammy pushes you to think deeply about your issues. She asks great questions and during the course of the coaching program she made me realise that I had the answers all along. Sammy's coaching style is very supportive. I was coached by her for 6 months and this has helped me improve my life dramatically.

Sylvia Nicolas, Career Coach

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