What Matters Most?


I work with clients who are challenging injustice and leading change in the world.

Clients who are not having the impact they want to have on the people and causes that matter to them.

Clients who see injustice in the world and feel the deep, gut-wrenching call to battle. The voice that says ‘someone needs to do something!’.

Why can’t that someone be you?

If your response is ‘who am I to do it?’, I would ask, ‘who are you not to?’

Through coaching, my clients learn to quiet the noise, the self-doubt, the inner critics, the outer critics, the bone-breaking, impossible expectations of those around them, the conditions and limitations of society and their own belief systems, and figure out who they are, and what it is they are here on this big, complicated, painful, beautiful earth to do.

My clients feel seen and heard. First by me. Then by themselves. And finally by the people around them.

They lead remarkable lives, and make a remarkable difference.

They fight for a better, fairer, kinder world.

And they do it from a confident, authentic, passionate and purpose-driven place.



Hi, I'm Samantha.

I’m a coach, a leader, a co-conspirator, a dreamer, a warrior, a light in dark places. I help my clients connect with their light, so that they can change the world.

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