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We Do Things Differently Here

Empowering Leaders. Building Inclusive Spaces. Driving Social Change.

I help diverse, purpose-led leaders & organisations to thrive.

I am deeply committed to working towards a more socially just & equitable society, represented by a truly diverse & inclusive system of leadership.

I do this work in two main ways:

1) I offer 1-to-1 coaching for purpose-led leaders (particularly women & people of the global majority). I help them do deep work on their relationship with themselves, so that they can navigate the barriers society puts in their way with confidence, clarity & self-understanding, and make the impact they wish for.

2) I offer DEI coaching & consulting within organisations, helping senior leaders to cultivate more inclusive leadership as well as a more inclusive culture within the workplace. I am passionate and deeply skilled in supporting leaders to identify gaps & challenges, facilitating difficult conversations, and creating safe and supportive spaces where all individuals can show up authentically*.

Together, we can challenge the status quo and overcome the internal and external barriers society has created which hold us all back, so we can work towards a better future.

*I centre an anti-racist approach in my work, and whenever appropriate I will recommend or refer consultants with a lived experience of racism to organisations as part of my commitment to this approach. The same applies for members of other marginalised groups.

Hi, I'm Samantha.

I’m a coach, a facilitator, a leader,an eternal optimist, and a passionate advocate for social justice. 


I help diverse, purpose-led l leaders to shatter internalized expectations and lead with confidence, while guiding organizations to create thriving environments where genuine inclusion, equity, and justice flourish.


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