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Are you ready?

Are you tired of the bullsh*t?

The injustices.

The self-sacrifice.

The mistreatment.

The playing by other people's rules.

The failures of people in powerful positions.

The race for success which never feels like success.

The impossible, outdated, toxic expectations of society.

The contortions you make to keep yourself small.

The need to always put everyone else first.

The microaggressions.

The macroaggressions.


The exhaustion.


The. Bullsh*t.

Have you had enough of it?


You're in the right place.

What I do is help people like you experience possibility.


The possibility of making up your own d*mn rules.

Of asking for what you want.

Of feeling like you matter.


Of feeling like what you do matters.

The possibility of feeling powerful.

And of taking what makes you different and using it to change the d*mn world.

If you are ready to call bullsh*t on the way things are.

Then reach out.

I’m excited to meet you.

Hi, I'm Samantha.

I’m a coach, a facilitator, a leader, a co-conspirator, and an eternal optimist. I help diverse leaders shatter internalised social expectations and lead with confidence in a world which often tries to hold them back.


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