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Personal Transformation Coaching

Are you tired of the bullsh*t?

The self-sacrifice.

The "is this really it?"

The brokenness of the world.

The playing by other people's rules.

The failures of people in powerful positions.

The race for success which never feels like success.

The impossible, outdated, toxic expectations of you from society.

The contortions you make to keep yourself small.

The need to always put everyone else first.

The microaggressions.

The macroaggressions.


The exhaustion.


The. Bullsh*t.

Have you had enough of it?


You're in the right place.

What I do is help people like you experience possibility.


The possibility of making up your own d*mn rules.

Of asking for what you want.

Of feeling like you matter.


Of feeling like what you do matters.

The possibility of feeling powerful.

And of taking what makes you different and using it to change the d*mn world.

If you are ready to make the world around you better without sacrificing yourself...

Then reach out.

I’m excited to meet you.

Long Road

Exactly where you are is where we will begin

What is coaching?

In 1-to-1 coaching, we dig deep into who you are & who you want to be, what you really want, and what is in your way.

We fundamentally shift the way you see yourself, so you can show up fully for yourself, your people and the world.

We help you get unstuck, make difficult decisions, and challenge your deepest held assumptions & beliefs, so that you can make the changes that need to be made.

We call out a lot of the bullsh*t that you are telling yourself, and that society or other people are telling you.

We identify the habits, thoughts and behaviours which are causing you to neglect yourself in order to meet other people’s expectations and demands on you.

We figure out the ways in which you are giving your power away, and help you take it back.

And with all of this, you will have the capacity, confidence and passion to do something really f*cking great in this world.

You matter.

What you want matters.

What you do on this earth matters.

Working with me will help you to really believe that for yourself.

This world needs you to believe it.

What you get from it depends on what you put into it, and what you most want to focus on.

But here are some of the things previous clients have gained from working with me:

  • Having more energy and motivation to do the things that matter to them

  • Avoiding burnout, and seeing a big improvement in wellbeing

  • Being able to process difficult emotions, and get stress under control

  • Feeling a big sense of purpose & fulfilment in their careers

  • Getting new jobs & promotions 

  • Starting new businesses

  • Making enough money to *finally* feel financially secure

  • Showing up more powerfully as leaders

  • Speaking out against injustice, in and out of work

  • Setting & holding stronger boundaries

  • Feeling good about who they are, and what they want

  • Being more authentic at work

  • Rebuilding relationships which needed attention

  • Doing big, bold and beautiful things which change the world

What specific changes can I make through coaching?


"It feels like dancing through possibilities..." 

Am I ready for coaching?

If you are ready to call bullsh*t on the way things are right now, then you are ready for coaching.

Coaching a is a transformative process.

It can be uncomfortable, surprising, eye-opening and inspiring.

If you are curious, open-minded, willing to explore your current experience of the world, and motivated for change, then you are ready for coaching.

It’s not easy making big changes, especially ones which involve your relationship with yourself.

But is it worth it?

Hell yes.

I’m a living testament to that.

So if you feel ready for something big to shift, let's talk.

How do I know if you are the right coach for me?

The best way to answer this is by reaching out to me so we can arrange a trial coaching session. That way we can talk and discover whether we are the right fit for a coaching relationship.


You can also read my testimonials to get an idea of the kind of work my clients and I do, and my About Me page will give you a bit of an insight into my background and the challenges I have personally worked to overcome. 

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