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About Me


Hi, I’m Samantha. I am a coach and an expert in nurturing inclusive leaership, building inclusive spaces, and helping passionate, powerful, deeply caring leaders figure out what they really want and how to get it.

For most of my career, I served from a place of sacrifice. I believed, deeply, that my only value was based on what I gave to other people. I spent years trying to prove to people that they mattered, because I didn’t feel like I did.


And I excelled at it. I transformed classrooms, inspired under-privileged children to believe in their own greatness, led my department through major change, mentored and trained teachers who blossomed, helped to turn around a failing secondary school, advised and devised better strategy for NGOs in Cambodia, Myanmar, Uganda, Rwanda, Greece.


I sprinted around the globe trying to help everyone, anyone who had been marginalised by society, or by their own beliefs. I raced to complete more degrees, more qualifications so I could serve better. I held the fragile dreams of refugees in my hands, cleaned out spider-infested resource cupboards, wrote reports, letters, emails, fought for asylum seekers, for educators, for entrepreneurs, for children, for adults, battled against poverty, solved problems, found solutions.


I pushed, pushed and pushed.

Until I collapsed, physically, mentally, emotionally. And as the heavy layers of people-pleasing, perfectionism, and impossible expectations wore off, I saw there was a different way.


I allowed myself to breathe. And gave myself permission to rest and to feel joy. To fight for important causes from a place of love, not fear. To show people what it means to value their needs and their dreams from a place of inspiration rather than sacrifice.

And this is what I bring to coaching. My clients see their lives change completely because they learn to believe, to deeply, truly believe, the most simple truth; that they matter. That what they want, what they love, what they hate, what they need, what they dream, what makes them angry, what makes them laugh, what lights them up, what scares them, what brings them peace, what sparks their passion, what fulfils them, it all matters.

And from this foundation, they can build palaces. 

Palaces of work they feel excited to wake up for, connections with people they never knew were possible, because they never knew how it felt to be truly seen, lives full of richness, passion, excitement, tranquility, and awe. Palaces of their fight for justice, their meaningful and lasting contribution to their community, their way of touching the world. Palaces which will stay standing for centuries.

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