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Serious Conversation

What does your organisation need?

Your organisation is unique. You have your own vision, objectives, team structure, requirements, challenges, priorities and passion. You may just want some 'light touch' support in the form of 1-to-1 coaching for your leadership team or high potential staff, or some team meeting facilitation or vision strategy development. Or in contrast you may be at the start of, or in the midst of, navigating a major transition towards a new way of working, and need a more in-depth level of support. This is why I don’t work with prescribed packages, but instead develop one which fits your specific needs (and budget!).

The 'how' is something we can discuss further on an introductory call. The 'what' is anything you want to do which will lead to having a bigger impact on and greater empowerment of the community(ies) you serve. This can include any of the following areas (and others):

  • Increased stakeholder engagement/empowerment

  • Staff motivation/morale

  • Managing change

  • Balancing heart with business

  • Funding/financial sustainability

  • Sustainability in general

  • Demonstrating impact

  • Leadership development

  • Growing or developing your staff

  • Improving teamwork and collaboration

  • Scaling up your organisation/impact

  • Embedding a coaching approach within your organisation

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