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A Group Coaching Programme for Women Who Want to Change The World Without Sacrificing Themselves.

Who is it for?

Reconnect is for unconventional female leaders, changemakers, rebels, justice seekers, or bullsh*t callers.

Women who care deeply about the world and want to make it better, but are exhausted by all of it.

Women who work so d*mn hard all the time, but never feel like they have done enough.

Or like they *are* enough.

Women who are tired of living by the rules & expectations of other people.

Women who want to make a meaningful difference, but without sacrificing their wellbeing.

Women who want to feel powerful & strong, confident in who they are and what they want.

Women who want to be badass leaders and stop feeling like imposters.

Women who want work & lives which fulfil them, and relationships which are deep and meaningful.

Women who want to be happy.

If you find yourself:

  • Always putting everyone else first

  • Wanting to fight for a better world, but getting exhausted in the process

  • Neglecting your own wellbeing & self-care

  • Perpetually exhausted

  • Facing ‘empathy burnout’

  • Feeling flat, unhappy, or stressed regularly

  • Struggling to set boundaries

  • Constantly feeling like you aren’t good enough, and nothing you do is enough

  • Closing down around conflict

  • Losing touch with your sense of purpose or passion

  • Unable to make the impact you want to make

  • Disconnected from the relationships & community which matters most to you

  • Struggling to make decisions, and always wanting to find the ‘right answer’

Then this is the group for you.

You will be perfect for this group if you are:

  • Naturally curious and reflective

  • Open-minded and willing to try new things

  • Interested in self-development & personal growth

  • Engaging in some kind of mindfulness, meditative or body-based practice like yoga, or you journal regularly (or if you want to start!)

  • Ready to dig deep into your thoughts, behaviour patterns and beliefs

  • Committed to making changes to build a fulfilling life & work, even when it’s hard and uncomfortable


What will I get from it?

Over 6 months, we will work together to help you reconnect with:

  • Yourself

    • Helping you remember your power

    • Building confidence & self-worth

    • Developing your trust in yourself

    • Figuring out what you need and how to get it

    • Developing a stronger relationship with your intuition

    • Building a toolkit of ways to manage stress, anxiety and difficult emotions.

  • Your purpose

    • Identifying what matters most to you, and what impact you want to have on the world

    • Highlighting your core values, and where they need some more alignment

    • Getting clearer on the path you are walking

    • Figuring out how to feel more inspired & motivated in your work

  • Your people

    • Prioritising your key relationships – both at work and at home

    • Improving balance in relationships, so you are getting your needs met

    • Nurturing and expanding your community

    • Exploring new connections


What you get from it depends on what *you* put into it, and what *you* most want to focus on.

But here are some of the things previous clients have gained from working with me (and which you can too!):

  • New jobs, promotions and businesses,

  • Making enough money to *finally* feel financially secure,

  • Shaking off imposter syndrome, and showing up more powerfully as leaders

  • Feeling good in who they are, and what they want

  • Letting go of guilt about getting what they want

  • Feeling a sense of purpose & fulfilment at work

  • Speaking out against bullsh*t at work (& outside it).

  • Setting & holding stronger boundaries

  • Rebuilding relationships which needed attention (& finding new ones!)

  • Being able to process difficult emotions, and get stress under control

  • Avoiding burning out, and seeing a *big* improvement in wellbeing

  • Having more *energy* and motivation to do the things that matter to them

  • Living life by their own rules

  • Feeling happier, more peaceful and enjoying life more



How will it work?

The programme will be structured, but highly customised to what *you* as a group need to move forward.

There will be teaching, meditating, storytelling, tools, frameworks, homework (but the fun kind), laughter, games, playfulness and ABOVE ALL a LOT of coaching from me, and a LOT of community support.

We will meet 3x per month for 90-minutes, over the course of 6 months.

We will have a group chat set up for support, advice, sharing success (& failures), pep talks, and general community love.

The group will be no more than 8 participants, and we will launch once the first 6 have signed up.

Once you have signed up, if the group hasn’t launched yet, we will have 2 calls per month with whoever has joined so you get some bonus coaching time!!


What’s the investment?


The programme will cost $1500 (£1250)

If you want to add on a monthly 1-to-1 coaching session with me, that will be an extra $1200 (£1000) (a discount on my usual rate!)

I will also be offering 1-2 places at a discounted rate, so if this rate is financially inaccessible to you, please reach out anyway and we can discuss.


Fill out the application form or email me directly here. We will jump on a call and talk through what to expect on the programme, and so we can make sure you are a good fit for it.

Thanks for submitting!

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