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Choose Courage over Comfort

So let’s start with this: life is terrifying, and it’s exhilarating. It pushes and pulls you unexpectedly, it drags on and it rushes by, it surprises you, it disappoints you, it brings you joyful, crazy, dancing-on-cloud-nine moments right alongside moments of despair and loss. As soon as you think you have figured it out, it laughs, gleefully, and throws something new your way.

Waking up, every day, and living your life is an act of courage. Some days more than others.

My invitation to you is simple: choose courage over comfort. Choose magnificent over mediocre. Choose to do this one life the way you were born to do it. I already know you are capable, and so should you; you have practiced courage every day of your life.

Some days more than others.

This isn’t about saying ‘life starts outside your comfort zone’. There are many amazing, beautiful parts of life to be found in familiar and safe places. For many people, being ‘comfortable’ is a luxury that they aspire to. I am not seeking to undermine the privilege we have and gratitude we should have for feeling a sense of comfort in our lives.

But what I’m saying is that sometimes being brave rather than sticking to what’s comfortable, or easy, can lead to transformations in yourself and your life that inspire you, energise you, and above all help you to be who you authentically are and to live a life that’s meaningful to you.

Opening yourself up to change and personal exploration takes a whole lot of courage. I often tell my clients how incredibly brave it is to come to coaching, to step into the unknown, to ask and answer questions which may uncover the unexpected; things which may have been buried or hidden for years or even their whole lives.

But making that courageous choice is always worth it.

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So, I have to confess, Sammy is my daughter, so I have to admit that I have a bias. But, that said, I’m incredibly proud of her, and truly inspired by her writing. And - maybe unsurprisingly - her philosophy resonates very strongly with my own. I admire her own courage, almost as much as I love her.

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