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Workshops for people who have had enough already.



18th April 2023

1pm ET / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET

How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome

Do you often feel like an imposter at work?

Like at some point the penny is going to drop and people will realise you don't deserve to be there?

Like you don't know enough, you aren't qualified, experienced or skilled enough?

You are NOT alone.

But the problem isn't YOU, it's all the societal bullsh*t you have consistently had to deal with, a lot of which is now internalised in you.

And the good news is, it's within your power to change it.

Join me for this highly interactive workshop full of ideas, strategies and new perspectives to help you feel like the badass you are.

Image by Elisa Ventur
Image by Christin Hume

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A Bit About Me:

I am a leadership & empowerment coach, who helps high-empathy, unconventional leaders start challenging the bullsh*t that holds them back, so they can make the world better without sacrificing themselves.

I believe we can all have better than living in broken systems and operating under other people's harmful rules & expectations..

Workplaces are HARD places to work

From difficult people to difficult emotions...                             

From micromanagers to microaggressions...

From unreasonable workloads to unacceptable comments...

Come join me and others who feel the same frustrations you do, as we explore different ways to respond to, process and manage bullsh*t at work.

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